I recently had the good fortune of attending an event in Boulder catered by The Singing Kitchen. I have to say, I’m at a loss for words for how to describe the deliciousness, uniqueness and simple, beautiful presentation.  For myself and several of my colleagues it was the highlight of the evening. I couldn’t get enough of the “Raw Ravioli!” Who knew “good for you food” could taste so good! Even turnips? Wow. Thanks for a great evening. Forget Paris and New York, the place to be is in The Singing Kitchen!  — Thomas Burke

I recently attended a week-long board meeting for which Lorienne provided snacks and meals.  The snacks were tasty and creative beyond my expectations, and are probably too amazing to be referred to as “snacks” at all!  The meals were a fresh, healthy and unique “tour of world cuisine.” Seeing what food would appear next was a highlight of the week.  I would recommend her to anyone! — Megan

What days of heavenly feasting! I’m still relishing the exotic delights you sang into being, one day after the other, but most of all I so appreciated the spirit in which you nurtured us, always with an enthusiasm higher than the piles of dishes we seemed to leave. And all this for one amongst a few with special dietary needs. It was a comfort to know that I would be able to eat at every meal, but I had no idea that it was going to be such a treat each time - like opening little christmas parcels. If you lived anywhere near New Zealand, you would be cooking all my meals! — Victoria

I found Lorienne’s food to be delightfully tasty, incredibly healthy and uniquely spiced.  The presentation was beautiful.  The flavors were well blended and the textures made my mouth happy. — Jean

Orgasmic - would be an accurate word to quote but may not be known in one of its non-sexual definitions - according to my dictionary - intense or unrestrained excitement!
Creative fusion of food that awoke every taste bud in my mouth! God bless your talent - I sure enjoyed every morsel. — Nancy

“I recently attended a three-day board meeting where Lorienne had been retained as the caterer. I can honestly say that the dinners she prepared for us were the highlight of the entire experience. She cooked with ease several different ethnic cuisines ranging from Asian to Indian and the American Southwest. The food was beautifully presented and tasted wonderful. She used the freshest local, seasonal ingredients and was attentive to any special needs. If I needed a caterer for any kind of event or party, The Singing Kitchen would be the first place I would  call. — Ann (http://www.bearcuisine.com/)

Chef in Motion

Chef in Motion

Lorienne Schwenk, Personal Chef and Nutritional Mentor
The Singing Kitchen
Cambria, California

Phone: 805.200.7908 | Email: Lorienne@thesingingkitchen.com

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