Butternut Squash Lasagna

Last fall (2010), I had the pleasure of preparing two vegetarian lasagnas for St. Benedict’s Episcopal Church I made one with dairy, bechamel sauce, crumbled almond biscotti, hmmm and one vegan with homemade almond milk. How were they? I never found out; they were gone by the time I got through the line. I’ll take that as a good review.

Seven pounder from my local grower

Seven pounder from my local grower

Maybe the most fun is popping the skins off the almonds before making the almond milk.

Or… making the noodles. I did not cook the noodles before baking the lasagnas. So, it was the last thing I did: make the noodles, assemble, and bake.

Whole wheat, "whome made" noodles for the lasagnas

That way the pasta did not dry out.

It’s key to have a good peeler for a butternut squash. I like the Y-shaped ones and pull toward me as I work. I save the skins for soup broth.

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