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I live in Cambria, California surrounded by calla lilies, orange poppies, and redwoods, a freezer full of last summer’s produce, three cats, and Fred - the sine qua non.

Trained at Bauman College of Nutrition, I see my work as a Natural Chef and Nutrition Mentor as an extension of a lifetime of gardening and cooking for myself and others.

Health and our role in it have always been fascinating to me. I am intrigued by the mysteries of the body and how it works, the causes and prevention of dis-ease, and the interplay of nutrition, spiritual well-being, community, environmental factors, and daily life in wellness and wholeness. It is a great honor to be a part of my clients’ journey to optimal health.

Lastly, I sing! I sing while I cook, while I garden, and any chance I get. Let’s “harmonize” together for your health.

Lorienne on the Big Sur River

Lorienne on the Big Sur River

Lorienne Schwenk, Personal Chef and Nutritional Mentor
The Singing Kitchen
Cambria, California

Phone: 805.200.7908 | Email: Lorienne@thesingingkitchen.com

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