“Creation exists for our health and nurture, but it is not made for our exclusive enjoyment. Not everything that looks good is edible. We need to be willing to make ourselves students of the places where we are so that we can be instructed in the ways of faithful living there.” Norman Wirzba, “Eating in Ignorance,” June 2012.

Do you have specialized dietary needs and do they feel confining or restricting?
Are you tired? recovering from illness? training for an event? expecting a baby?
Have you been dealing with thyroid, digestive, hormonal, or allergy issues?
Are you interested in eating well, but just not sure how to get past the soundbites?
Do you want to learn more about cooking for yourself?
Are you pressed for time, but still want homemade food?
Are you committed to organic, seasonal, local foods but you’re concerned about the cost?

My Services

In our initial consultation, we will get to know each other and I will hear your story and your goals. Together, we will make a plan to help you to meet those goals. This meeting will be $90, but see below for how to get a discount.

As your Nutritional Mentor, I will meet with you weekly or monthly to assist your progress towards optimal health. We can talk about diet, activity, sleep, medication, or whatever is on your mind with regard to your health. Most services range from $25 to $45 depending on your goals.

As your Natural Chef, I will prepare delicious and healthy food, help you to renovate your own pantry, help you to figure out where the nutritional heroes and bandits are in your diet, and be your partner in learning how to make food and nutritional choices for your wellness.

We can decide together at the first session which avenue to pursue.

Read testimonials about my services.

For a discount on our first session, please email me and include the answer to the trivia question below…

What is the favorite color of the miller’s daughter in Schubert’s song cycle?

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Lorienne Schwenk, Personal Chef and Nutritional Mentor
The Singing Kitchen
Cambria, California

Phone: 805.200.7908 | Email:

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